About Us

We dress buildings from the inside – elegantly, cleverly and with a feeling for detail and future needs – to improve the health and performance of your staff.


What can working with us bring you?


We have provided fitting surroundings for 30,000 people

And we can do the same for you… No matter whether you are a supranational concern or just two people getting a small business started, one of our interiors can get you moving in the right direction.

We offer a unique approach and unique design

We listen carefully before starting work on our designs. We study function, technical possibilities, human needs and the needs of the future. All these aspects have gone into the creation of our well-thought-out office furniture ONLY1.


We invest
in health

You can’t buy good health, but you can buy a healthier office. We avoid the use of materials such as aluminium that place a burden on the natural world. We have invested in the company 720° in Finland which has taught us to perform long-term analysis of office climate and acoustics.

Wrote about us

Má tah na branku i respekt k přírodě, vinařstvím roku je Reisten z Pavlova 28. 1. 2022

Vinařství roku pro rok 2021 zná vítěze. Je jím vinařství Reisten, kterému byla udělena cena na slavnostním galavečeru v brněnské hvězdárně. Vinařství z Pavlova u poroty zabodovalo svým tahem na branku a cílevědomostí.

Součástí areálu je také wine bar, který jsme zrealizovali dle požadavků klienta a výsledkem je velmi unikátní interiér vinařství.

Gratulujeme k ocenění!


The Only 2 furniture line won the award for Best New Product at Designblok 2018. We were thus among the ten best projects in the twelfth year of this festival. Take a look at them on Arch Space.

A BOOK od Armstrong 12. 3. 2018

Už jste viděli letošní A BOOK od Armstrong? 
Najdete tam i naše realizace s produkty Armstrong. Mrkněte se třeba na Chyron Hego, IBM a MU.


Those searching for a piece of New York aesthetics in Prague’s Smíchov finally have a chance for success. The U1 company has found a location for its Prague showroom.


Managers have a responsibility for some areas, and many of them are at the top for the entire company. They must often focus so that they are able to find a solution to a problem or to come up with a brilliant strategy which could take the company all the way.

That is why it is imperative they have a good environment for their work.


Members of generation Z, born from the mid-90’s up, have different expectations from their work than the generations before them. They are the Children of the internet, and they are individualists. Therefore, they want to move freely between their work and private lives, educate themselves while working and be employed in an environment which allows all of this. Only one in five Czech companies is prepared for the arrival of the so-called post-millennials.

Tobogán, kulečník i zahrada - relaxaci na pracovišti najdete i v Praze 11. 11. 2016

Open space zvyšuje na pracovišti asociálnost, tvrdí nová studie. Mnoho firem už také od otevřených kanceláří ustupuje. Nová generace pracantů navíc od svých šéfů vyžaduje svobodu a dávku kreativity. A tak se kancelářský svět chtě nechtě mění. Článek iDNES.cz/Metro.cz stojí za přečtění.

Office of the future? A living organism! 3. 11. 2016

Many of us may still remember the stuffy offices full of cigarette smoke, ringing with the sounds of typewriters. Then the 90’s computer era came and, along with it, a new trend – tiny and stale cupboards were replaced with breezy, open-space type planning. Nowadays, we are again one step ahead.

U1 designer Radek Mašinda on the influence of colours in the workplace 3. 11. 2016

One of the most prominent influences on human psyche, as well as work dedication in the office, is colour. The right ones stimulate us, the wrong ones make us tired and demotivated. So, how does one choose the right colour scheme to reach their goal? 

Environment has a massive impact on the effectiveness of work 3. 11. 2016

Noises in open offices stimulate extroverts to better performances, introverts, on the other hand, struggle with it.

Relax in the office? Lounge areas are beneficial to creative thinking 3. 11. 2016

The work environment has changed dramatically in the past three decades in many companies, both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Small offices are gradually being replaced by the new standard in the form of open office spaces.

The office mouse’s dream: Attractive work places are being created in Brno 3. 11. 2016

It doesn’t matter whether you work in an office, a school or if you are a programmer. Your subconscious continuously perceives your surroundings and reacts to them. A bad environment brings everyone down. The counterstep is a creative design that will properly break the mould.

Is the office environment stressing you out? We have tips to make it friendlier. 3. 11. 2016

Everyday work in a mundane environment, lacking anything lively and suffocating enthusiasm? That is a nightmare come to life for every creative spirit, and not just for them.

Guerrilla fighting day in U1 3. 11. 2016

Our company, U1, helps clients with the planning and implementation of office space. Leading a company that specialises in a field where Czechs are just starting to explore is a tough act.

Creativity needs its own space 3. 11. 2016

Jaromír Popek (co-founder of U1) writes about his own know-how on equipping open space offices in the EURO magazine.  

Shared offices complicate workplace relationships 3. 11. 2016

The risk of both physical and mental illness is higher in a shared workplace. According to Environment and Health, a study by Scandinavian Journal of Work, people who work in open space offices take more days off work due to sickness by 65%.

The five most annoying things that turn office life into hell 3. 11. 2016

Even Maxim is starting to get interested in the problematics of the office environment.

Boredom motivates no one. Say goodbye to open space offices 3. 11. 2016

Strangely coloured modular furniture, an impersonal environment and dull conference rooms. Everyone who has ever been employed in a regular office building knows the sterile and vague workplace. Progressive company owners said goodbye to the grey and started turning the “second home” into an attractive office space.

Czech companies follow in efforts to make the workplace more comfortable. 3. 11. 2016

Creative, innovative, flexible - these are the characteristics many companies expect from their employees. For adequate productivity, however, the right environment is crucial. Although, when creating such settings, it is also important to mind your finances.

U1 is creating office spaces for leading Czech companies 3. 11. 2016

Who we are, what we do and how are we doing it in an article in Hospodářské Noviny.

Offices are coming to life 3. 11. 2016

What are the trends in office design? What is the correct way to project an open office? You can find answers to those questions in this article from PROFIT.

After open-space, team-offices to come 3. 11. 2016

Nowadays, individual work seems to be less effective. Cooperation, on the other hand, is the new phenomenon which yields faster results in a larger team. This stress on speed is the influence of the changes.

How to plan your office space effectively 3. 11. 2016

Are you considering a smaller office space or starting a company and don’t know how to correctly plan your office space? When creating an environment that will inspire and stimulate you and your co-workers whilst also being comfortable, it is vital to focus on more than just modern furniture and new wall paint.

U1’s Jaromír Popek on creating an interior 3. 11. 2016

Here’s a little taste of the upcoming book archSPACE \ Office, which will contain interviews with interior creators. An interview with Jaromír Popek and designer Stanislav Nehybka covers the topic of office space design.

U1, a company built as a manifest against office clichés 3. 11. 2016

It seems like Brno will always be second fiddle in the Czech Republic. Although not in everything. Brno outpaces Prague in office environment. For example, in IT companies, the fraction residing in buildings with a quality standard defined as class A is distinctly larger in Brno than in Prague. On top of that, the South-Moravian capitol saw the emergence of the company U1, a company which provides top quality office interiors.

Lifocolor Brno: even a factory can be likeable. 3. 11. 2016

The new Lifocolor company base was built with regards to 30 years of future development. The interior was designed by the architectonic studio K4 in cooperation with U1, who also supplied the furniture.

Five things you wouldn’t expect in an office 3. 11. 2016

The office environment has changed dramatically in the last quarter-century. This is, of course, related to the development of office equipment. While in the 90’s, piles of three-ring binders and filing folders were essential equipment, and computers took up most of the desk. Today’s office, a tablet and a flash drive, can easily fit into a handbag, and future trends go even further.

Generation Z has different ideas about work 3. 11. 2016

The vast majority of employers acknowledge the differences between each generation’s job demands, however, only a fifth of them would be able to offer what the youngest seek. This is the conclusion of U1’s company research.

Friendly offices benefit company development 16. 1. 2015

The times of struggling by the desk with a pen and paper, or a noisy typewriter, surrounded by piles of three-ring binders are long gone. They were pushed aside by the “modern” era. In bigger cities those tiny rooms were replaced by open-space type offices, which have many perks – co-workers are much easier to reach this way.