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urbex by U1

We respect the space. We love art and we like to support it. Especially when it's set in an unusual environment.

As designers, we give life to new things. As art lovers, we can revive even long-forgotten places that would otherwise fall into dust.

The basic philosophy of URBEX is to allow the guts of buildings that have already been counted to come alive for the last time with sound and image. URBEX is a reminder of the bygone glory of once prosperous and vibrant buildings. A manifesto against forgetting and aging. U1 is the creator and designer in these buildings, restoring pride and respect to them and ensuring they live a dignified life before they finally lose their meaning and turn to dust.

Where others have given up, we bring new energy. In the form of music and visual art.

Urbex vol. 1 / 2020

Thanks to our initiative, the Brno penitentiary on Cejlo could come to life with pictures and music. We made the old walls sound with the contemporary blues rock of the bands Tom Jegr & Gang and Aivn's Naked Trio. After us, the space of the former penitentiary becomes an art facility, and musical and other artistic events appear, from which regular projects are born.

Urbex by U1. Unforgettable events that resurrected the Káznice and the torso of the Ergon factory.

Urbex vol. 2 / 2021

We also vibrated the skeleton of the Ergon factory under Hády with music. Although the factory was completed, it was never used. The string quartet Aristo Quartet, among others, played in Torzem for the first and last time, before it was finally razed to the ground a few months later.

Good Design. Good business.
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