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Enviroment balancing (ESG)

ESG / Environmental, Social, and Governance defines the standard and requirements in the field of social responsibility, corporate governance and environmental sustainability. ESG is the of a company's collective responsibility in the area of social and environmental factors.

E - Environment / Environmental Impact of the company. Evaluation criteria targeting environmental topics, including what resources are used - raw materials, emissions, level of innovation.<nbsp;

S - Social / Impact of the company's production on society. This criterion assesses the company's degree of social responsibility. These criteria include an assessment of working conditions, as well as the company's respect for human rights.  

 G - Governance / This criterion targets the way a company is managed, emphasising internal controls and procedures (usually set by various standards, e.g. ISO and their implementation), supplier responsibilities and corporate governance as such.

Enviroment balancing (ESG)


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