The company ENERG-SERVIS Plc. Has been renowned in the energy sector since its establishment in 1999.


This time our task was the furnishing of the interiors of the sixth and seventh floors of ENERG-SERVIS Plc. Company's new headquarters on Řípská Street in Brno.

The result was an interesting project with storage space on one floor, and with a representative and attractive space for business negotiations with clients and partners on the other.

The foundation is the Only1 table system with wooden oak legs complemented by the RIM office chairs and LD seating executive chairs. The pleasant look of the interior is finished with wooden elements in the form of atypical coverings of windowsills, kitchen countertops, and the elegant covering of the reception counter.

  • Name of the realization: ENERG-SERVIS
  • City of the realization: Brno
  • Author: Marcela Roháčková a Radek Mašinda
  • Investor: ENERG-SERVIS a.s.
  • Year of the realization: 2017
  • Size of the realization: vybavení kanceláří, kuchyněk, recepce, zasedacích místností
  • U1 interiors products: Only1, RIM, LD seating, atypické truhlářské výrobky