HQ / Showroom

Nejedlého 373/1 
638 00

543 255 033

Opening hours 
Mon–Fri: 8.30 a.m.–4.30 p.m.

Invoicing address

U1 s.r.o. 
Nejedlého 373/1 
638 00

Registration number 

U1 interiors: 26273179

C69633 kept by the Regional Court in Brno, registered on 15 March 2011

Praha / Showroom

Na Valentince 3336/4
150 00

Jaromír Popek

Executive, Development Brno

My function is the all-round progress of the company, research and development of products, marketing, PR and creating the company’s identity.


Jiří Žižka

Executive, Financial director Brno

I am responsible for economics, finance, human resources and operational matters.


Michal Gróf

Business director Brno

My domain is business that ends with a satisfied client.

+420 725 513 523

Radek Mašinda

Chief designer Brno

I design the appearance of interiors from an initial concept right up to the final details.

+420 737 758 528

Jaroslav Gráf

Sales manager Brno

I create a symbiosis of design and a working office environment.

+420 606 085 068

Andrea Kališová

Sales manager Brno

I am responsible for managing projects from the initial phase right up to the hand-over of the work to the investor.

+420 702 013 719

Dmitrij Taranov

Sales manager Praha

My task is to ensure a smooth transition from the initial project to handing the work over to the client so that I satisfy the demands of the most difficult clientele.

+420 776 161 357

Petra Leblová

Business support Brno

I prepare price quotations and coordinate deliveries to make sure that everything is in the right place at the right time.

+420 725 827 108

Zuzana Šupová

Business support Brno

My task is to take the art of our designers into the world of figures and finances.

+420 702 169 639

Aneta Plicková

Business support Brno

My work comes into play the moment my colleagues succeed in thrilling a client with our designs. It begins with a price quote and ends with complete delivery.

+420 702 169 687

Magdalena Prudilová

Office manager Brno

I take care of the maintenance issues and administrative support.

+420 601 088 517

Pavla Nováková

Designer Brno

I help our clients to make their workspace more pleasant.

+420 607 076 565

Filip Drápal

Designer Brno

My work entails designing an ideally functioning interior with value added.

+420 739 622 551

Radmila Andielová

Designer Brno

Architecture is a game for me, and the harder the task, the more interesting the puzzle of an original solution.

+420 725 975 183

Radek Malý

Project manager Brno

My job primarily entails the execution and realization of the wishes and dreams of clients so that the agreed-upon schedule is followed, and the project is handed over to the client without problems on time.  

+420 777 981 566

Robert Havlíček

Project manager Brno

As project manager, I am responsible for the smooth course of realisation and communication with the client.

+420 773 591 693

U1 headquarters

U1 Showroom Praha