Trade Fides is one of the most important suppliers of complex security technologies and services for the protection of persons and property in the Czech Republic.


The interiors of the offices for the Fides development teams and the meeting rooms for visitors were created as part of a complete renovation of the ground floor of one of the wings of the company's headquarters, all based on the U1 design.

The focal point of the whole interior is the central social zone, merging the functions of one area for informal meetings, temporary work, dining and relaxation. All of the other rooms are connected with this area - sound-proof team offices, meeting rooms, a game room, new toilets, a server room, etc.

The visual solution of the interior uses the advantages of the historic building - especially the newly exposed brick arches and their placement in steel "I" profiles. This distinctive element, apparent in all parts of the interior, is complemented by a wooden floor, by black technical elements of the air conditioning, glass partitions and windows, and by distinctive lighting fixtures in an industrial design. The furniture is in a neutral grey-black colour with accents in the forms of wooden table tops and the orange-brick colour of the seating in the central zone.

  • Name of the realization: Trade FIDES, a.s.
  • City of the realization: Brno
  • Author: Radek Mašinda, Radmila Andielová
  • Year of the realization: 2020
  • U1 interiors products: Only 1, Rim, La Cividina, Enea, Petridis