Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta is a forefront producer of office technology. It provides products, services and solutions in the areas of printing, documents and their processing. One of its Czech branches is in the Spielberk Office Centre in Brno’s Holandská Street.

Bold, bright graphics differentiate each meeting room of the floor. Our designers selected the colours precisely, according to the style and design of the company. During the day, the walls reflect rays of light, which then create an interesting and bright environment. Inside the rooms there is comfortable furniture, suitable for any type of meeting.

We equipped the shared offices with our practical ONLY 1 table system, which will grow with the company and can be varied and changed according to current needs.

The large common area was given several functions. The dining room, equipped with bar stools and tables, got a high ceiling which gives the room an airier space. People can, therefore, feel comfortable there even at the busy peak of lunch time. Just next to it is a much cosier space with comfortable armchairs and tables, which are for catching up with colleagues over coffee.

The upholstered booths serve a similar purpose. Even though they do not have doors, their acoustic properties safeguard the privacy of conversations

  • Name of the realization: Konica Minolta
  • City of the realization: Brno
  • Author: Filip Drápal
  • Investor: Konica Minolta
  • Year of the realization: 2018
  • Size of the realization: office furnishings, meeting rooms, soft zones, dining room, café, kitchen, game room, idea room, laboratory, phone box, showroom
  • U1 interiors products: U1 – Only 1, RIM, LD Seating, Pedrali, unique carpentry and upholstery products, graphic decals, flooring
  • U1 lighting products: U1 lighting