KAPITOL is a company with a long history in the field of insurance and financial consulting. It belongs to the important financial group Vienna Insurance Group (VIG).


A common goal with our client has been to create modern offices in the new premises of the Vlněna office park, where the view of the whole town of Brno is a great added value to the offices.

The space is dispositionally divided according to the client's requirements, into both closed and more open offices. These are complemented by a meeting area with a kitchenette and closed phone boxes.

The whole space is conceived as a pure light space complemented by contrasting dark elements. The main feature is the oak veneer cladding, which circles the entire core of the floor. It provides the place with an impression of luxury. Oak veneer is repeated in large cabinets that separate some of the offices. These cabinets in a black-oak design contrast with the light design of the Only 1 tables. A connecting feature for these contrasting elements are upholstered elements in shades of green, emerging from the company's colours.

  • Name of the realization: KAPITOl
  • City of the realization: Brno
  • Author: Radmila Andielová, Pavla Nováková
  • Investor: Kapitol pojišťovací a finanční poradenství, a.s.
  • Year of the realization: 2019
  • Size of the realization: atypický obklad jádra, čalouněné meeting boxy, kuchyňka s kavárnou, veškeré typizované vybavení
  • U1 interiors products: ONLY 1, La Cividina, RIM, et al., ENEA,