Adam Zemánek Lighting Engineer Praha

I am responsible for the technical side of projects.   +420 606 046 538

“Getting the washing done is great, but being able to put the lights on is essential!” My motto aptly sums up what I have been doing at the company U1 Lighting since 2011. I prepare project documentation and technical lighting calculations, and produce technical drawings and catalogue entries for light fittings. I am responsible for technical support for our business partners. I communicate with clients and architects to find the best possible solution. Every project is original and unique and I always try to think up a customised solution. I am proud of a great many of the projects we have successfully realised. Thanks to my work at U1 Lighting, I have gained extensive technical knowledge in electrics and construction.

I am inspired by my colleagues, and would like to visit the offices of technology companies such as Facebook, Apple and Google for the same reason. My hobbies are sport and culture.