Konica Minolta - terasa

The Konica Minolta company is a leading producer of office equipment. It provides products, services and solutions for processing and printing documents. In the Czech Republic, it has one of its branches in the Spielberk Office Centre on Holandska street in Brno.

The project follows up on the previous installation of the interior. The terrace is divided into functional zones, which are interconnected with a distinct mass in the central part. At the very entrance onto the terrace, there is an eating area, which functionally connects to the cafeteria inside. Opposite, there are the “meeting rooms”. Privacy will be secured by grown grass. There are also exercise features on the terrace which make working out possible. Of course, an outdoor grill is a must.

  • Name of the realization: Konica Minolta - terasa
  • City of the realization: Brno
  • Author: Filip Drápal
  • Investor: Konica Minolta
  • Year of the realization: 2019
  • Size of the realization: terrace equipment